New Beginnings

Spring always ushers in a time of change.  New ideas, new plans, new dreams, and fresh starts.  To see the world burst into color after the long bleakness of winter inspires us to open our windows, breath in the sweet air, and find new and better ways to live our lives to the fullest.  Spring’s innocence returns us to our own innocence, a place where we can open up to new beginnings.

I had my own fresh start a couple of months ago, moving into my own place so I could have more space to work on my weavings, and I just finally finished getting the warp on my loom.  Getting the loom ready is not my favorite part, so to inspire me to do the final preparations, these lovelies arrived in the mail yesterday


Besides actually weaving and making art, one of the best parts about being a fiber artist is adding to the “stash”.  As my yarn stash inevitably grows bigger, I will be able to use the variety of colors to add more depth, blending, and liveliness to my pieces.  My painting instructor in college used to tell me, “Put more color in your color”.  At first I didn’t know what he was talking about.  How can you put more blue in blue?  But the colors that we see around us are not quite as simple as they seem.  The leaves of a tree are not just green, they have bits of yellow and blue as well, maybe even some purple.  I can see in my older pieces, both paintings and tapestries, how flat and dull the image can look without this technique.   So with every weaving the stash grows bigger and brighter, and my tapestries will as well.

And in other exciting and spring-timey news…

I am now a member of the American Tapestry Alliance!

I know, I know, I’m such a fiber nerd!  I applied for and was awarded an Emerge Membership Grant, which basically is one year of membership awarded to young tapestry artists under the age of 40.  Part of my free membership includes volunteering some time throughout the year to help this organization, which is where this gets even more exciting.  The day after I was awarded membership, a volunteer position became open that I’m now taking on: I’ll be designing the online gallery shows that happen several times a year and feature beautifully curated tapestry weavings by artists from all over the world.  This will be a fantastic learning experience and I’m thrilled to be a part of this community, work alongside so many talented artists.  Everyone in the ATA has been very welcoming to me, and I’m looking forward to this next chapter in my tapestry weaving career.

So Happy Spring!  Go outside, breath in the fresh air, smell the flowers if they’ve come up (and if they haven’t yet they’re on their way!), and marvel in the excitement of this season of change.


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