A Juried Show at the Little School in the Woods

Five years ago I graduated from the tiny school up in the woods, leaving behind the rustic wooded landscape and cedar-shingled buildings I had come to call my home.  I went up to the school last week for the first time in years to drop off one of my latest pieces for a juried alumni show.   As soon as I walked up the hill onto the forested campus, I had an overwhelming feeling of nostalgia.  Old familiar faces were there to greet me with such a warm welcome it was like I had never left. The smell of fir trees and damp earth made me swoon.  I felt like I was coming home.

little house (800x600)

Strolling through the fiber studios was like walking through a dream where everything feels strange and also familiar.  Little symbols of my presence were still there; signs and labels that I had made as a studio assistant continued to keep equipment and materials organized.

loom room (800x600)

The weaving studio especially conjured up old memories of sitting at the loom with stocking feet, rhythmically pressing treadles while cold winter rains fell outside.

I went back up to school for the show opening a few days ago, and again I was greeted by old friends and faculty.  While studying there I never had any interest in entering juried shows to try to get my art out into the world.  I simply couldn’t imagine putting myself on the line like that.  What if I got a rejection letter?  Nope, no thanks, not worth it.

I love tapestry weaving too much to let that hold me back any more.  This is the first juried show for my school that I’ve entered, and I’m honored to have my work in a very selective show alongside other talented artists.  Here’s Echo of Light in all her glory!





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