The Weaving Hour

Almost a week has gone by since I started my newest weaving, and I can tell this is indeed an ambitious design!  My motivation has been low, it is summer after all, and the challenges this piece presents has been helping me to be a better procrastinator.  But I have a juried show I want to enter in November and while that feels like plenty of time, I also might be moving then too.  It’s been hot out lately, and my apartment turns into a little oven in the afternoon.  The last thing I want to do is sit under a hot lamp touching warm and fuzzy yarns.  So I wait until the sun sets, because I’m actually a tapestry weaving vampire.  Also… okay, enough with the excuses.

I’ve gotten quite a bit done and I took some before and after pictures to show you what an hour of weaving looks like.  I’ve always wanted to know how much I finish in an hour too, since when I’m weaving I usually get sucked into a timeless vortex and before I know it it’s 1 in the morning.





Of course, completing tricky details and color changes takes time away from the amount I get done, as does winding bobbins, correcting mistakes, and finding just the right song on my ipod.  Working on an elaborate piece like this has also been really enjoyable, even if I only get a millimeter done every day.   The intricacies of this design are enthralling and I love finding solutions to the various difficulties that come up.

Working on a project I’m passionate about makes it easier to defeat the Procrastination Monster.  I feel relaxed and entertained, like I’m solving a great big crossword puzzle, except I’m using yarn and none of the questions are from before the early 90s.  Having great music helps me a lot too; I can definitely feel more motivated to do the dishes, scrub the toilet, or work on my weaving when I’m listening to music I love.  I’m currently into musicians like Loreena McKennitt, Alison Krauss, and Jesse Cook.  Lots of great acoustic instruments, soothing voices, and addictive beats.  Now if you’ll excuse me, the sun has set and it’s time to weave.

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