My New (and tiny) Loom

I know I should be investing in a bigger loom, not one that is a million times smaller than my current one.  But the family field trip to central Oregon is this weekend, and I’m packing my bug spray, sunscreen, hiking socks, and my sweet little Hokett Loom!


It’s a beautiful little loom made by Jim Hokett, who constructs them out of different exotic woods.  He also makes accessories to go with the looms, like these carved tapestry needles.  If you’re looking for a lightweight, affordable loom that will fit in your bag, check out his three different sized options!  I’m looking forward to whipping mine out of my backpack at a lunch spot on the trail to puzzle on-lookers.  I also just want to have some kind of weaving with me while I’m away from the big project.  Speaking of which, here’s how it’s coming along…


Tomorrow I’m going to share a story with you from my childhood about the definitive moment when I first tried weaving.  And then I’m off to the mountains to soak up the views and find some fresh inspirations!

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