Cathartic Destruction

Now I’m not a destructive person, but I never knew destroying an unfinished tapestry could feel so cathartic! To be clear, it’s been on the loom for a couple of years too long, and I just wasn’t loving the design. I’ve learned some new tricks since I first began this weaving, so it was time to take the sharp scissors to it and inch by inch remove the old weft…


Single weft interlock? I don’t even use this technique for my signature anymore!


I only cut one warp too, so I’ll take that as a big success!


And those rare earth magnets we tapestry weavers love? Turns out if you leave them on your weaving for too long (ahem, a couple of years) they leave a permanent indentation. Who knew? I certainly didn’t…


Maybe a little steaming and some careful fluffing with a brass-tipped bobbin or a tapestry needle would help. Someone else will have to try that out because all evidence of my mistake is cut off the loom now.


I’m kind of in love with this colorful pile of yarn fluff…

So now the loom is upright, the broken warp replaced, waiting for that new design to grace the cotton warp. Tomorrow, my old friend…











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